Boise RV Detailing – Interior, Exterior, Waxing, Polishing & Buffing

Is your RV in need of a little extra love? If you’re looking to make your Motorhome, Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel shine like new give us a call!

We offer a variety of services that can take your RV from oh my to oh my goodness!

Interior Detailing: Our experienced staff cleans RV’s on a daily basis for our rental fleet and will be able to thoroughly cleanse your RV. Our basic interior detail includes a front to back wipe down of all surfaces with cleaning solution, vacuuming of all carpets and mats, and finally a mopping of all hard floor surfaces.

The interior cleaning generally takes 3-5 hours depending on the size of your RV and the level of built up dirt and grime.

Base Rates
12-20’ RV Interior Cleaning: $135
21-35’ RV Interior Cleaning: $165
36’-42’ RV Interior Cleaning: $225

Exterior Wash: Don’t let that road grime build up, our exterior wash includes a thorough scrubbing with wash sticks front to back on your RV including those endless hoards of bugs that seem to pile up mile after mile. We’ll then wipe every exterior window down, clean the wheels and add tire dressing to make that RV shine like new.

Base Rates

12-20’ RV Exterior Wash: $65
21-35’ RV Exterior Wash: $95
35’-42’ RV Exterior Wash: $135

RV Waxing: All RV’s live a harsh life because they’re much bigger than cars and sit idle in the side or backyard being exposed to wind, rain and the relentless uv rays of the sun. To bring your RV back to its full splendor we recommend waxing it twice a year. Our high quality UV protectant wax will keep the sun from breaking down your paint and turning it into a chalky mess.

Base Rate RV Waxing: $16 a linear foot
I.E. If your RV is 20’ long you would multiply 20*16 to get $320

RV Polishing: If you haven’t been on it with RV maintenance waxing then eventually the shine on your RV is going to diminish to a point where regular waxing will no longer cut the paint. This leaves only buffing. RV buffing is the process of using a rotary tool and polish to put micro-cuts in the paint and restore its previous finish. This process is generally a two or three step process that is very labor intensive and costly to do, but the results can be astounding.

RV Buffing and Polishing Rates: Quoted on a per case basis

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