RV refrigerators are one of the most under appreciated appliances in the RV world. The keep your food and beverages cold and seldom demand more attention than the flick of a switch. It’s not until they go out and you have a hefty rv refrigerator repair bill on your hands that you realize how much you appreciate what they do. The good news is that with a little routine maintenance they will keep on humming for years.

Routine Maintenance

RV refrigerator maintenance is key to keeping your fridge cool and running properly for a long period of time. A typical yearly maintenance schedule would include:

  • Clean roof vent, coils, & burner assembly
  • Verify cooling fan and AC heater operation
  • Gap the ignitor & flame sensor
  • Check for fire hazards

Common Failures

Even with the best maintenance schedule refrigerators can and do break. Common issues may include:

  • Burner Assembly & Igniter & Flame Sensor Failure
  • Circuit Board Failures
  • AC Heater Failure
  • Ammonia leak on cooling unit

Services Offered

  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Diagnosis & Troubleshooting
  • Installation of new cooling units
  • Installation & Removal
  • Upgrades

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