Long Term RV Rentals

Rent For Fun Luxury RV Rentals is now offering the opportunity to enjoy a luxury RV for a long term rental at a deeply discounted rate. If you’re looking to try the snowbird lifestyle out or just need a month accommodation check out the great selection of Motorhomes and Travel Trailers below.

Why Rent For A Month?

Snowbird Lifestyle:Has the snowbird RV lifestyle been calling to you for the last 10-15 years while you worked away at your job? Have you been wondering if it’s something you could do? Packing the few possessions you actually need on a daily basis, and hitting the open road with no one to answer to but your own curiosity about this great country? A Snowbird RV rental is a phenomenal way to give this lifestyle a try with very little risk.

Investing in an RV can be a huge life decision and as you’re winding down your career and planning for the future, it may not always make sense. The fact of the matter is that RV’s depreciate roughly 22% during the first two years of ownership, not to mention routine maintenance, insurance and incidentals, after adding all of this together your finances can take a huge hit. Renting an RV takes all of this risk out of the equation and gives you the opportunity to sample the lifestyle with a small up front cost just like a vacation.

Can you imagine buying a condominium in a place you’ve never been to or seen? That’s the decision many current RV owners have made and many have decided it’s not for them only to take a huge hit when trying to resell their RV at a fair market value.

In situations like this hiring a snowbird RV rental makes much more sense. Check out our great selection of luxury RV’s below.

Extended Vacations

Winter vacations can be a great way to wind down the year and spend quality time with your loved ones. Many business owners and professionals have busy summer months with a bit of downtime in the fall, winter and spring months. The great thing is if you decide to head south for 3-4 weeks of extended vacation you will be alone on the road instead of fighting the milieu of summer vacationers and traffic.

There’s many great destinations in the south that offer terrific experiences for a family including:

Arizona – Quartzite, Sedona, Petrified Forest National Park
California – Death Valley, Disneyland, Sea World in San Diego, Hollywood, Universal Studios, Los Angeles
Nevada – Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Valley of Fire State Park,

Temporary Accommodations

If you’ve been looking for temporary accommodations for yourself or loved ones, a monthly RV rental may just fit the bill. RV’s in general are designed to allow you to live in comfort while on the road and can just as easily be parked next to your house while it’s being built or rebuilt. They have built in appliances such as microwaves, stoves, ovens, & refrigerators and feature full plumbing with showers and toilets. They also allow you to store your personal belongings in a secure environment with locking compartment and entry doors.

As you can see if you’re in a situation where you need temporary housing an RV would fit the bill nicely.


Moving yourself or a loved one to a new area can be a stressful situation. Your house may not be quite ready due to building delays, or you may need to move an elderly parent, or even send a college aged kid off to school in style.

Whatever the situation an RV offers an affordable alternative to renting hotels or motels while providing you the ability to transport a good amount of items all the while offering all the amenities of home.

What To Consider With Long Term Rentals

RV Selection
As with any situation the best thing to do is weigh your needs and wants against your wishes. There’s many things to consider when renting an RV and we’ll go over the most common situations and how to choose wisely.The first thing to consider is how many people you’re taking on your trip with you. This will determine your seating & sleeping capacity as well as your storage needs. With your needs in mind you can weigh each RV’s sleeping situations to optimize space and storage capacities for trip requirements. Each RV will be configured differently in regards to bed layout and size and should be examined for comfort for height and size requirements.

The next thing to consider is RV destination. Knowing your destinations in advance can help you plan if the parks have parking size limits which could limit the size of RV that you rent. Smaller units may also be more maneuverable if you’re doing a lot of city driving while larger units would allow you to tow a car to drive around instead of the RV.

Finally you’ll want to consider RV amenities and trim level. While RV’s typically all have refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, and bathrooms the size and capacity of the appliances can vary greatly across units. As you look at each RV envision yourself in the future using the RV in a day to day fashion and see if it would work for you and what potential issues could be.

As you can see balancing wants and needs is a fun challenge and can be a great way to explore the RV rental world.

Rental Cost

Rental cost can be a make or break situation for many people’s dreams. Luckily if done right you can get an affordable longterm rv rental with Rent For Fun RV Rentals. As always we try to be upfront with all costs involved in a rental so there’s no surprises on the backend. Please note that for rentals longer than 12 days, 25% of total rental balance is required upfront at booking.

The following RV’s are available for long term rentals up to 29 days at a discounted rate. Please call us to review your specific situation so we may best accommodate you.
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