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Protect Your RV From The Cold!

Do you need to have your RV Winterized or De-Winterized? Check out our great service packages specially designed to help you keep your RV on the road

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In-House Winterization:

$99 Special

This service is suitable for most RV configurations and offers an economical way to prevent freeze damage on your RV

1. On Board Water Is Drained

  • Fresh Water Tanks
  • Low Point Drains
  • Water Heater

2. Blow Out

Every water line is blown out; sinks and showers are cycled through until there is no water remaining in any line

3. Waste Tanks Emptied

Black and grey waste tanks are emptied of all contents

4. P-Trap Treatment

Sinks, showers and toilets are treated with chemical anti-freeze to prevent freezing of p-traps and residual waste tank residue

This customer asked us to winterize their Class A Diesel Pusher.  We can winterize all makes and models of RV’s including: Class A, B, C, Super C, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Pop-Ups, and Campers.

De-Winterization Add-On


We’ll De-Winterize it in spring for $50 more! All you have to do is schedule a return appointment when its time to hit the road again next year.

Luxury Appliance Add-On

$25 Per Appliance

Do you have a luxury RV? This service takes care of you by winterizing the fridge water lines, dishwasher, and clothes washer.

Mobile Winterization:


Can’t make it in to see us? We’ll come to you! This winterization is a chemical only winterization since we won’t have access to a high volume air source.

We use this alcohol based Anti-Freeze Antigel in our mobile winterizations to prevent freeze-up of water lines in your Motorhomes, Travel-Trailer, 5th Wheel or Camper.

1. Water Drained

All water is drained from your RV including:

  • Fresh Water Tanks
  • Low Point Drains
  • Water Heater

2. Water Heater Bypassed

Water heater is bypassed keeping anti-freeze out of it

3. Anti-Freeze

Anti-freeze solution is pumped through your fresh water lines via your on-board water pump bypassing your Water Heater

Luxury Appliance Add-On

$25 Per Appliance

Do you have a luxury RV? This service takes care of you by winterizing the fridge water lines, dishwasher, and clothes washer.

De-Winterization Add-On


We’ll De-Winterize your mobile winterization for only $100 more! All you have to do is schedule a return appointment in the spring.

In-House Generator Winterization:


fuel in your on-board generator can gel up over winter causing a clogged carburetor and an expensive spring-time carburetor clean out, have your generator winterized today!

1. Generator Carb Bowl Is Drained Of All Fuel

2. The Generator Fuel Line Is Disconnected

3. Fuel Stabilizer Is Added To The Carburetor Float And The Fuel Line Is Re-Attached

4. The Remaining Stabilizer is Added To The Gasoline Tank

Freeze Damage Fixes

free quote

did someone forget to winterize or improperly winterize your rv? let us help you!

1. Appointment

Schedule an appointment to bring your RV in for initial inspection

2. Quote

We assess the damage, take pictures, and generate a detailed written & computerized quote

3. Approval

We communicate with you handling the minute details to make sure the repair goes smoothly

4. Repair

Once the job is approved we take it from there, ordering materials, parts and other materials to make sure the repair is completed in a timely and efficient manner

5. Pickup

You pickup your RV functioning as intended!

This customer had a cracked water tank from improper winterization. The hot water tank burst from freeze damage.

What Kinds of RVs Can You Service?

We service All Makes & Models of RV’s, Class A, B, C or Super C Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Pop-Up Tent Trailers, Toy Haulers and more…

We specialize in servicing the following Manufacturers:

Why Winterize Your RV?

It’s no secret winter in the North West can get cold, what most people don’t know is why they should winterize their RV. This short article will cover the potential hazards of not winterizing your RV and give you a thorough understanding of when to take advantage of our winterization and de-winterization services.

What Is RV Winterization?

An RV Winterization is a service that RentForFun RV provides to keep your RV’s fresh water and waste water systems from freezing up and causing damage to your RV. The process is designed to remove water from all of your water systems including:

  • Fresh Water Tank
  • Water Lines
  • Water Heater
  • Water Pumps
  • P-Traps
  • Waste Tanks

How Is Winterization Done?

A typical winterization is done one of two ways:

1. Blow-Out Method

The blow-out method is done by first draining the water out of your RVs fresh water tank, and water heater. It’s then hooked up to a pressurized air tank and every line is cycled with positive air pressure blowing the water into the waste tanks. The final step is done by draining your waste tanks and then adding coolant to every drain to ensure any residual water is treated with chemical.

2. Anti-freeze Method

The anti-freeze method is done by draining water out of your fresh water tank, and your water heater and then treating your fresh water lines with anti-freeze solution to ensure they don’t freeze.


When spring comes around and the winter temperatures normalize above freezing it’s time to undo the winterization. The process of de-winterization is simply the reverse of winterization. The drain points are plugged, fresh water lines hooked up and fresh water filled to test for any leaks.

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