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Get your RV ready for spring by getting all the warranty work done over the winter! We currently have open availability to get your RV in, go over the list of warranty items with you, and get these items covered by your warranty provider. Give us a call to schedule your warranty repair!

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RV Warranty Repair Process:

1. Appointment

Schedule an appointment to bring your RV in for initial inspection

2. Quote

We assess the malfunction or damage, take pictures, and generate a detailed quote

3. Approval

We communicate with you and your warranty company handling the details to make sure the repair goes smoothly

4. Repair

Once the job is approved we take it from there, ordering materials and parts to make sure the repair is completed in a timely and efficient manner

5. Pick Up

You pickup your RV looking great!

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What Kinds of RVs Can You Service?

We service All Makes & Models of RV’s, Class A, B, C or Super C Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Pop-Up Tent Trailers, Toy Haulers and more…

We specialize in servicing the following Manufacturers:

What Type of Warranty Claims Can You Help Me With?

  • Air Conditioning
  • Appliances: Refrigerator, Microwaves, and Stoves
  • Brake Components
  • Body
  • Heating Systems
  • Interior and Exterior Components
  • Leveling Systems
  • LP Systems
  • Roof
  • Satellite Systems
  • Slideouts
  • Sewer Systems
  • Suspension
  • Trailer Axles, Brakes & Chassis
  • Water Systems: Pumps, Tanks, Valves & Fittings

Understanding RV Warranty Claims

Everyone who’s purchased an RV from a dealership has heard about an RV Warranty, what most people don’t know is what’s covered, when and how much of their RV is covered. This article will help you understand RV Warranties including how and when to use them to cover your repairs. By the end of this article you should have a thorough understanding of when it’s a good option to use your RV Warranty and when it’s not.

RV Warranties come in many different shapes and sizes, the base of which are Original Equipment Manufacturer Warranties and Extended Warranties. We’ll cover Original Equipment Manufacturer Warranties first.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Warranties:

Most RV Manufacturers separate out their basic warranty into two categories:

1. Basic Limited Warranty: The basic warranty often covers items such as product’s workmanship and materials free from defects. This warranty often has a term limit of 1-2 years.

2. Structural Limited Warranty: The structural warranty often covers chassis, suspension, walls and roof. This warranty often has a longer term limit of 3-5 years.

These warranties may or may not be exclusive to the original purchaser depending on the manufacturer. They often require you to register your vehicle with them at time of purchase and they may also require all maintenance be done by a qualified service center. When dealing with an RV Manufacturer Warranty time is of the essence and having someone help you on this road is paramount.

RV Manufactures see tens of thousands of claims per yea, so constant communication by your service center helps get the claim through much quicker.

Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties are offered from third party service providers such as Cornerstone, Easy Care, Good Sam, RV Warranty Forever, Wholesale Warranties or Xtraride. These Warranties often cover things like:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Appliances
  • Chassis Components
  • Drive Axle Assemblies
  • Electrical Systems
  • Engines
  • Generator / Powerplants
  • Heating Systems
  • Steering Components
  • Suspension Components
  • Transmissions
  • Water Systems

Each warranty provider will differ slightly in their offerings so it’s best to review your paperwork thoroughly before you purchase an extended warranty. The Warranty Provider may also offer additional coverage for things like:

  • Mechanical Seals and Gaskets
  • Tire Protection

Routine Maintenance

In order to stay in good standing with your Extended Warranty provider they may require you to service your RV at a qualified local RV repair shop, such as RentForFun RV. This allows you as a customer to maintain an accurate historical maintenance record and substantiate your Warranty Claim, giving it a much higher chance of being approved.

When and How To Process A Warranty Claim

Warranty claims always start with coverage. The first step in processing a Warranty Claim is to find out if you are covered for the component or repair needed. Review your Warranty Paperwork including the expiration date of the contract, and the items covered under warranty. If you have reviewed your paperwork and it seems like it should be covered the next step is to initiate the Warranty Claim Process by having a Licensed Repair Facility contact your Warranty Company. The Warranty Company will often need three things to start the claim:

  1. A Written Estimate / Repair Order From A Licensed Repair Facility
  2. Pictures of the damaged or malfunctioning area / item / component
  3. Contract Number or Vin Number including Year, Make, and Model of RV

Once the Warranty Company has these things they’ll send it to their underwriters to review and approve it. The approval process often takes 3-5 business days to complete.

If you have a RV Warranty Repair that you’d like completed please contact RentForFun RV at: Click To Call: 208.999.3073,3

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