RV Rental Management Program – You Own It We Rent It

Hello and welcome,

If you have a 2008 or newer Class A, or a 2010 or newer Class B or C Motorhome we’d like to help you turn it into an extra income stream that pays you and still lets you enjoy the benefits of owning your own RV.

Many RV’s are pricey investments for the average person, some of them can cost upwards of many homes in the U.S. The reason most people buy an RV is to live the American dream and hit the open road exploring this great country of ours and its closest neighbors. The fact is that after purchasing an RV it ends up sitting there for much of the time while you go to work to pay for it, and you may only get to use it a few times a year, all the while paying maintenance and storage costs just to keep it ready to go.

This is where RentForFun Luxury RV Rentals steps in and turns this equation upside down earning you money in the process.

Here’s the quick facts of the program:

We store, insure, maintain & rent your RV, then send you a check every two weeks when it is rented. All the while enabling you to use it whenever you want with a simple advance phone call.

Once your RV is added to our rental pool we find high quality people looking to do the same thing that you originally purchased the RV for. They rent the RV from us and we split the profits from the rental 60% to you and 40% to us to cover our time and costs of doing business. Now I know what you’re thinking, RV’s are difficult to drive and I just invested a lot of money to purchase my RV, won’t these renters beat up my motorhome?

Won’t Renters Abuse My Motorhome?

The fact is that renters will use your motorhome, but it’s in their interest to take care of it because they’re responsible for the damage they cause; from the moment they leave the lot they are to treat it like it is their RV and take care of it otherwise they’ll be on the hook for the repair bill. Things do happen however and your RV will incur wear and tear over time but you’ll have to carefully evaluate if the benefit of an income from your RV outweighs the normal wear and tear of use over time, most of our RV owners believe it does and we have references if you’d like to review them. We also offer a full service RV repair shop that enables us to fix any problems that may occur and maintain our fleet to exacting standards.  You’re also welcome to service your RV at any one of the local shops available if you choose.

What does it cost to join the program?

There is no membership cost, and no cost to terminate.  There is an initial insurance deposit that is based on the value of the vehicle.  This deposit is refundable when you terminate your insurance contract in advance.

There is also a cost to store the RV on our lot, we keep it washed and ready to rent and also make sure it’s hooked up full time so the batteries are fresh and ready to go when a renter arrives. Storing your RV costs us money so we require a storage fee of $65 per month to cover our utility bills.

What happens if I want to use my RV?

RV rentals are very busy in the spring through summer months so we ask that you mark out the dates that you want to use your RV ahead of time by calling or emailing us, we then work around these times and allow other people to book your motorhome when you’re not using it. Once someone is booked we ask that you honor that booking for the benefit of all involved.

What are my responsibilities as an owner enrolled in your program?

There’s several requirements we have in order to rent your RV out:
1. Currently looking for Diesel – Class, A, B, Super C’s
2. Must be in good working order, all items functional: fridge, stove, air conditioners, furnace, doors and cabinets.
3. Must be safe: tires must be 2012 or newer on the date code (Insurance requires this even if they look good and are still usable)
4. As people rent your RV, items will wear out, and maintenance will come to be due, just like if you were to use it. Things like oil changes, tires etc. We will keep an eye on these things and offer to fix them for you as they happen, or have you service them locally at a qualified shop of your choice. These repair bills can add up but are generally much less than the income you’re making from your RV.

How much money will I make?

It’s very hard to give you an estimate on the amount of money you will make because it varies from RV to RV and even seasonally. If you’d like to discuss your specific situation with a qualified member of our staff we’d be happy to go over it with you step by step to help you get the whole picture and decide if this is the program for you.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the application form below, and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly to discuss further details.

References available upon request.

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