Make: Outdoors
Model: Timber Ridge
Length: 24‘
Height: 11.4‘
Dry Weight: 7000 lbs.
Sleeping Capacity (up to): 6
MFR Sleeping Capacity (up to): 6
Fresh Water Capacity: 80 Gallons
Propane Capacity: 10 Gallons
Generator Rental Available: Yes
Wiring Harness Round 7 Pin
Dogs Allowed: No


  • Microwave Oven
  • Refrigerator Top Bottom
  • 3 Burner Cooktop
  • Gas Oven
  • Single A/C Unit
  • Furnace


  • Front HDTV 27 Inch Or Larger
  • DVD Player

Luxury Equipment:

  • Automatic Electric Exterior Shade Awning
  • Power Solid Wall Slideout Room
  • Kitchenette
  • Interior Shower With Tub
  • Flush Toilet
  • Dining Table
  • Lockable Basement Storage Compartments
  • Built In Leveling Scissor Jacks
  • Rear Trailer/Accessory Hitch (Not for towing)
  Low & Mid Seasons Peak Season
  Sept 6 – May 19 May 20 – Sept 5
Daily Rate (Plus Taxes, Cleaning & Fees): $156 $172
Weekly Rate (OTD): $1206 $1311
Reservation Deposit:

Due at time of booking and is non-refundable. Please note that for rentals longer than 12 days, 25% of total rental balance is required upfront at booking. You are welcome to change your dates within the current calendar year as long as you give notice more than 7 days prior to your departure.


Remaining Balance:

Due at time of pick up.

Refundable Security Deposit:

Due at the time of pick up. This is refundable within 5 business days(Mon-Fri) as long as the RV is returned reasonably clean, full of fuel, full of propane, and damage free.

Cleaning Fee:

Based on the size of the RV anywhere from $175-$200. If the RV is brought back excessively dirty you may incur an extra cleaning charge, an example of this would be if you attended the Burning Man festival.

Administration Fee:

3.5% of reservation total.


Idaho sales tax is 6% of reservation total.

Insurance Options:

  1. You may provide your own insurance binder (must be pre-approved), and you are responsible for the deductible on your binder.
  2. or you may purchase an MBA Choice insurance policy through us, which costs between $24 and $34 per day, this policy comes with a $1000 deductible per occurrence. This means per incident so if you damage the RV twice in one trip and have purchased an MBA Choice insurance policy you will be charged 2 deductibles, one for each occurrence.
Travel Trailers

We provide collision and comprehensive insurance on the Vehicle with a $1000 deductible. You are responsible for the deductible amount in the event of a loss. This
insurance does not cover Loss of Use or our administrative expenses incurred processing a damage claim. We do not provide liability insurance coverage on the vehicle. You agree to provide liability insurance coverage on the vehicle through the insurance policy that covers your towing vehicle.

Late Policy:

We operate by appointment only for RV pickup so it is important to be on time for your orientation. You may call to extend your pick up time at least one hour prior to the scheduled pick up time. If you miss your appointment, you may wait for an opening in the schedule.

Burning Man Fee:

This is incurred if the RV is taken to this event. As well as additional cleaning at $18 per hour beyond the cleaning allowance of 3.5 hours. This could be anywhere from 6-14 hours of cleaning time because the festival is so dusty and dirty.

Mountain Home Music Festival:

Additional cleaning charged at $18 per hour beyond cleaning allowance of 3.5 hours. This could be anywhere from 4-14 hours.

Additional Rental Options
  • Dogs are allowed in some units and depending on the unit the additional cost is $20 per day plus fees for any damages
  • Bike Rack: $50
  • Airport Pick Up (round trip): $290
  • Generator for trailers: $50 (flat rate for rental period)
Additional Mileage Charges on Motorhome Rentals
  • Gasoline: Extra Miles All Season: $0.35 cents per mile
  • Diesel: Extra Miles All Seasons: $0.45 cents per mile
RentForFun Seasonal Hours:

M-F 9am-5pm MST
Otherwise: by appointment or chance only for an additional $35

Rental Agreement:

Please read your rental agreement, it contains important information regarding your vehicle rental.

Vehicle Return:

For your convenience, we offer after hours vehicle returns. All vehicles are due back by 7pm on the return date. Our seasonal hours are M-F 9am-5pm and by appointment or chance only. If returning after hours, park and lock the vehicle and insert the keys into drop box at the main entry door. We inspect vehicles for damage and fuel deficiencies in order of return and will notify you via email of any discrepancies within 5 business days.

Return Condition:

To ensure a smooth vehicle return process, you will have the opportunity to fill out our pre-existing condition form prior to departure. We also encourage you to take pictures of the vehicle before departure and after return. You will be held responsible for damages caused to the interior, exterior,
glass, upholstery and equipment on the vehicle if it is not returned in the same condition as received on the pick up date.

Return Policy:
  • Clean interior (we detail and sanitize the interior and exterior of the vehicle)
  • Full of fuel
  • Full of propane
  • Cookware kit clean and complete (if rented)
  • Any associated rental equipment returned in same condition as received (including but not limited to camp chairs, bbq, bike rack, towels, generator, hitch equipment etc..)

All vehicle tires are checked for inflation, wear and age prior to departure. You are responsible for
checking tire inflation and condition while the vehicle is in your possession. If you experience a tire
problem on the road, you may take the vehicle to a tire shop or contact us at 208-999-3073 for
assistance finding a tire shop or tire truck that can make a repair. If the tire failure is caused by a road hazard, puncture, impact, underinflation or overloading (as determined by the tire repair facility), the tire repair or replacement is your financial responsibility.

Extreme Conditions:

Extreme conditions including but not limited to hot or cold weather, dusty, dirty, muddy, windy, rainy, snowy or icy conditions, rough or unpaved roads or other inhospitable conditions can cause RV equipment or systems to malfunction or fail. Per the rental agreement, vehicles are not guaranteed fit for any particular purpose. You may be held responsible for equipment damage if operated in extreme conditions. We do not offer refunds for equipment malfunction in extreme conditions.

Mountain Home Music Festival, Burning Man or similar events:

The amount of dust, dirt, and party clean up that we have experienced in past years can take anywhere from 7-12 hours to clean the inside of the RV or trailer. We want to let you know that you could have additional cleaning due. Anything after 3.5 hours is billed at $18 per hour.


Gasoline Powered Generators:

Hot conditions can cause gasoline powered generators to vapor lock and stop running. This is a
condition caused by the low boiling point of gasoline and is beyond our control. BE ADVISED, if you are entering hot weather conditions with a gasoline powered generator, the gasoline may vapor lock rendering the generator inoperable until it is cooled. We do not offer refunds for generator malfunctions in hot conditions.

Diesel Powered Generators:

Generators that are powered by diesel fuel do not start immediately upon pressing the start button. Diesel powered generators require that the start button is depressed for approximately 5-30 seconds before the starter motor will begin to crank the engine. This allows the fuel pump and glow plugs to operate prior to cranking the engine to help ensure a successful start. Simply press and hold the generator start button until it cranks AND starts.

All Generators:

During usage, the main circuit breaker(s) on the generator unit or RV may trip if you overload the electrical system. You will need to reset the breaker(s) to restore electrical output. We cannot prevent circuit breaker tripping, it is your responsibility to prevent any inconvenience caused by this occurrence. Reduce appliance usage to prevent tripping breakers.
If the generator is hard starting, it is often due to air introduced into the fuel system by running the fuel tank level below the pickup tube. You must refuel the vehicle before the generator will start and run. Most RV generators require a minimum of ¼ tank of fuel for generator operation, other larger RV’s require a minimum of ½ tank. It may take several restart attempts to prime the fuel system and restore generator operation after refueling.

Shore Power:

30 amp minimum shore power hookup is required for 1 air conditioner, 50 amp shore power minimum
hookup is required for 2 air conditioners. Operating an electrical load in excess of the shore power breaker rating may cause the circuit breaker(s) on the shore power hookup or RV to trip. You will need to reset the breaker(s) to restore electrical output. We cannot prevent circuit breaker tripping, it is your responsibility to prevent any inconvenience caused by this occurrence. Reduce appliance usage to prevent tripping breakers.

Shade Awnings, Slideout Covers, Roof Vents/Covers:

Fabric and hardware on shade awnings and roof equipment may be damaged by collision, tree branches, wind, acts of God or moving the vehicle without properly retracting this equipment. You are responsible for damage caused to shade awnings or slideout covers while the vehicle is in your possession.

Tree Branch and Shrub Damage:

RV exterior finishes, roofing material, rooftop air conditioners, vents, awnings and other hardware can be damaged by tree branches and shrubs. Scraping the RV along tree branches can often leave deep scratches in paint or gelcoat requiring expensive compound polishing, paint or re-striping to restore the finish. You are responsible for avoiding these hazards or paying for repairs if the vehicle is damaged, whether or not you are aware that the incident occured. Please avoid these hazards.


We use industry benchmark premium deep cycle batteries in all of our vehicles and we load test and maintain them per factory recommendations to ensure best operation. We cannot control how much load or demand you will place on the batteries in the vehicle and therefore cannot predict or guarantee how long the batteries will provide output per charge or how long it will take to recharge them. We recommend a minimum of 2 hours per day recharge, longer if they are deeply discharged or performing below required demand. RV’s equipped with residential refrigerators require additional time on generators or shore power to keep the batteries charged and the refrigerator cool. We do not guarantee battery performance nor do we offer refunds for malfunctions associated with battery operation. Please contact us at 208-960-1001 if you need assistance during your rental with a battery related issue and we will do our best to help you resolve the issue. Most battery issues we encounter are associated with excessive demand and/or insufficient daily recharging.

Vehicle Preparation:

We do our best to ensure each vehicle is fully operational at the time of departure. You will have the opportunity to inspect the vehicle for any deficiencies prior to departure. Once the vehicle is in your possession, we cannot control how it operates or how it is operated. If you experience a component failure during your rental, we will do our best to correct the issue if you contact us for assistance 208-960-1001. We do not offer refunds for equipment failure unless it renders the vehicle immobile for an
excess of 12 hours. Please see the rental agreement. You may refuse to rent the vehicle if it does not meet your satisfaction at the time of pickup.

Which appliances require generator usage?

  • Air Conditioners
  • Microwave
  • TV (unless inverter equipped)

Can the generator run while the vehicle is in motion?


Do I need to run the generator if the RV is plugged into shore power?


Which appliances run off of Coach batteries?

  • Lights
  • Furnace
  • Water Pump
  • Inverter
  • Slide Outs (MUST remain retracted while vehicle is in motion)
  • Hydraulic Jacks (MUST remain retracted while vehicle is in motion)
  • All other 12 Volt Accessories

How does the refrigerator work?
The refrigerator can operate while the vehicle is in motion. RV refrigerators require Coach battery power. To cool, the refrigerator will use propane unless 110V power is available from the generator or shore power. The refrigerator will switch back and forth between propane and power sources automatically. RV refrigerators take longer to cool than home units. Avoid frequent or prolonged refrigerator door opening and/or loading the fridge with warm food to maximize performance. From ambient, an RV fridge may take 12-24 hours to reach cold temperature. If the “check” light is lit or flashing, turn the fridge off, check propane and battery supply, turn the fridge back on.

If the RV is equipped with a tankless water heater, it will supply hot water within 10 seconds of opening a hot water faucet as long as the water heater switch is in the on position.

How does the furnace work?

The furnace can operate while the vehicle is in motion. The heating furnace uses a thermostat for operation and requires Coach battery and propane to heat the RV. If the furnace is blowing cold air after being on for at least 10 minutes, shut the furnace off and check propane and battery supply. If good, after 10 minutes turn the furnace back on to desired temperature.

How does the water heater work?

The water heater uses propane to heat a small tank of water. After the water heater is switched on, it may take 20-30 minutes before water is hot. The water heater off/on switch is accompanied by an “ignition failure” lamp. If the lamp is lit for more than ten seconds after the water heater is switched on, the water heater needs to be reset. Turn the off/on switch to the off position and wait for 2 minutes before turning the water heater back on.
Why won’t the slideouts extend or retract

Some RV models require the ignition key to be in the on position and the parking brake to be set in order to operate slideouts. Other models require the key to be off. Adequate battery power must be available in order to operate slideouts.

The generator is running, why don’t I have power at the outlets, microwave or air conditioners?

After starting the generator, power will become available after 30 seconds of warm-up time. If power is not available while the generator is running after the warm-up period, check the circuit breakers located on the generator itself. Some RV models require that the shore power cord is plugged into the generator outlet located in the shore power cord storage compartment.
For Emergencies, dial 911. Non-Emergency Technical Support: 208-960-1001.
It is illegal and extremely dangerous to leave the driver’s seat while the vehicle is in motion and/or using cruise control function. Obey all applicable laws including traffic, restraint, speed limit, parking, use and driving laws.

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