• This agreement is between Rent For Fun RV of Nampa, Idaho hereinafter referred to as “LANDLORD” and:
  • hereinafter referred to as “TENANT”.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • i.e. Fleetwood, Coachmen, Monaco
  • i.e. Bounder 35K, Leprechaun 32FE, Diplomat 40dft
  • The management of Rent For Fun RV will endeavor to protect all personal property on the premises, but in no way accepts or assumes responsibility for the loss to said property by fire, theft, vandalism, robbery, acts of God, or damage of any kind to said property. The undersigned hereby releases Rent For Fun RV and its owners and agents from any and all forms of damage of any kind to stored property. Rent For Fun RV reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. I have read and understand the above and below:
  • Storage Policies

    Speed Limit: Vehicle operation within storage lot is under 2 mph, anyone reported going beyond this is subject to IMMEDIATE EVICTION.

    Pricing: All Prices are charged by the “Tip to Tip” Length of the RV stored.

    Storage Dues: One full month minimum rental. Storage fees begin on the contract date and continue through the last day of the last month of occupancy. Storage space is not pro-rated in the last month.

    Non-Secured Fund Checks: There is a $25.00 non-refundable charge on all NSF checks.

    Invoice: A monthly invoice is generated on the contract date and is due within 5 business days of specified contract due date. “Landlord” accepts checks, money orders, and credit cards. Please make all payments out to: “Rent For Fun RV 814 S. Rising Sun Dr. Nampa, ID 83686”

    Late Fee: There is a $10.00 non-refundable late fee assessed on the 6th business day and every 6 days thereafter until payment receipt. After 30 days of non-payment a lien may be issued and the “Tenant” notified to remove RV from premises.

    License Insurance & Registration: “Tenant” agrees to keep vehicle current with all registration and insurance dues. It is the “Tenants” responsibility to keep proof of driver’s license, insurance and registration up to date in “Landlords” files, please email it to rentforfun@gmail.com and provide a copy upon contract execution. “Tenant” further agrees to secure and maintain fire, extended coverage, theft, mysterious disappearance and comprehensive liability insurance covering the full insurable value of the the vehicle and goods stored on premises.

    Parking: “Tenant” agrees to allow “Landlord” and/or employees of “Landlord” to move or direct RV into an appropriate parking location. “Tenant” agrees to store only the unoccupied RV agreed upon. No property which is not wholly owned by “Tenant” shall be stored on premises. Unidentified items will be removed at owners or “Tenants” expense. This contract shall be for uninhabited vehicles only.

    RV Access: “Tenant” agrees to provide an entry door key and ignition key to “Landlord”. These spare keys will be kept in a secure location should “Landlord” need to move RV. “Tenant” is encouraged to access RV within regular business park hours 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Sunday to Friday. “Tenant” is encouraged to notify “Landlord” should after hours access be needed.

    Lot Access: “Tenant” agrees that only the person identified as “Tenant” in the above section shall have access to property for the express use of accessing RV.

    No Persons or Pets Allowed To Reside In Storage Items At Any Time

    Termination: The contract and tenancy hereby granted may be terminated at any time by either party giving to the other party not less than thirty (30) days prior notice in writing before the beginning of the last month (on or before the 1st day of the last term or month). Notice to “Tenant” shall be mailed or emailed. Any failure by “Tenant” to pay rent or other charges promptly when due, or to comply with any other term or condition hereof, shall at the option of the “Landlord”, forthwith terminate this agreement. “Tenant” must give “Landlord” written notice and contact by telephone on the day “Tenant” vacates the premises. If “Tenant” does not vacate at the end of 30 day notice, notice is then null and void and full rent is due if property is still on space the 1st day of month.

    Vehicle Removal: Upon removal “Tenant” must pay all fees in full and notify “Landlord”. Full rental period fees will be charged upon failure to do so. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing of any security deposit refunds.

    Contact Information: It is the “Tenants” responsibility to notify “Landlord” of any changes in contact information – address, phone numbers, email address, credit card or bank account changes.

    Alterations: “Tenant” shall not make or suffer any alteration of the premises without the written consent of “Landlord”. “Tenant” at the termination of this contract shall leave the premises in a clean and undamaged condition.

    Waste, Quiet Conduct & Maintenance: “Tenant” shall not commit, or suffer to be committed, any waste upon the premises or any nuisance or other act or thing which may disturb the quiet enjoyment of any other tenant in any building or neighbor, or in any manner, deemed by “Landlord” to be disreputable or hazardous.

    “Tenant” shall take good care of the premises and shall make all necessary repairs to the premises, necessitated or occasioned by the act or neglect of “Tenant” or any agent of “Tenant” or other person for whose acts “Tenant” is responsible. “Tenant” shall not perform or cause to be performed any work or maintenance on any vehicle stored on “Landlord” premises.

    “Tenant” agrees NOT to empty water of any kind in the parking lot and to keep the black and gray tanks dumped before parking. The premises are to be kept in a clean and sanitary condition by “Tenant” and no debris or other garbage will accumulate thereon during the term of “Tenants” lease. Should debris or other garbage accumulate with a failure to remove the same, “Tenant” agrees to be bound by removal fees.

    Compliance with The Law: The storage of hazardous substances, welding, flammable, and explosive or other inherently dangerous materials is expressly and strictly prohibited. “Tenant” shall not store in the premises any items which shall be in violation of any order or requirement imposed by any Board of Health Sanitary Dept., Police Dept., or any other government or governmental agency or in violation of any other legal requirement, or do any act or cause to be done any act which creates or may create a nuisance in or upon or connected with the premises. “Tenant” shall be personally and severally liable for any damages caused by a breach of this provision.

    “Landlords” Right to Inspect and Repair the Premises: “Tenant” agrees that “Landlord” and “Tenants” agents and other representatives including police and fire departments and other governmental authorities shall have the right to enter into and upon the premises, or any part thereof, at all reasonable hours for the purpose of examining the same, or making repairs or alterations therein and taking such action as may be necessary for the safety and preservation thereof and secure compliance with applicable law.

    Non-Liability of “Landlord” for Damages, Insurance Obligation of “Tenant”: This agreement is made on the express condition that “Landlord” is to be free from all liability claim for damages by reason of injury of any kind to any persons, including “Tenant”, or property of any kind whatsoever and to whomever belonging, including “Tenant” from any cause or causes whatsoever while in, upon or in any way connected with the premises during the term of this lease or any extension hereof or any occupancy hereunder, expect in respect of injuries cause by negligence of “Landlord” or “Landlord’s” agent and “Tenant” hereby agrees to hold and save “Landlord” harmless from liability, loss, cost (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees) or obligations on account of or arising out of any such injuries or losses however occurring except if caused by negligence of “Landlord” or “Landlord’s” agent.

    This lease is made upon the further express condition that, and “Tenant” agrees that, “Landlord’s” liability for damages occasioned by “Landlord” or “Landlord’s” agent shall be limited to the sum of $100.00 and that “Tenant” shall maintain or secure fire, extended coverage, theft and mysterious disappearance and comprehensive liability insurance, covering the full insurable value or goods stored on the premises which exceed $100.00 in value and any damages of any nature exceeding $100.00 and containing a waiver of any subrogation rights of the insured against “Landlord”. In no event shall “Landlord” be liable for any damage arising from any breach of this lease by or on behalf of “Tenant” or in respect of or in connection with any use of the premises. “Landlord” is not responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles or equipment stored on premises. Security for said vehicles is the sole responsibility of the “Tenant”. No Bailment or Deposit of Goods for Safekeeping is intended or created hereunder.

    Assignment: “Tenant” shall not assign or sublease the premises or any portion thereof without the written prior consent of “Landlord”. “Landlord” shall have the right to assign this lease to other parties.

    Lessor’s Right of Re-Entry: Time is of the essence in the payment of each and every payment upon fees herein covenanted to be paid. If any fees shall be due and unpaid, or if any default shall be made in any of the covenants herein contained or if Lessee shall abandon the premises, Lessor may re-enter the premises and remove all property there from , to salvage or locked up, in which event this contract shall terminate, without prejudice to Lessor’s right to recover all fees due and unpaid through the date of such re-entry, damages in respect to any default under this lease, and such other amounts as may be recoverable pursuant to law. In the event of a breach of this contract or abandonments of the premises by Lessee prior to expiration of the lease. Lessor may, at its option, determine not to terminate the contract, in which event the contract shall continue in effect and Lessor may enforce all of its rights and remedies under the lease until expiration of the term or re-entry by Lessor, whichever shall happen first.

    Abandonment of Lessee’s Property: Any property which shall remain on the premises after the expiration or termination of the term shall be deemed to have been abandoned and either may be retained by “Landlord” as its property or disposed of in such a manger as “Landlord” may see fit. If such property or any part hereof shall be sold. “Landlord” may receive and retain the proceeds of such sale and apply the same, at its option, against the expenses of sale, the cost of moving and storage, and any arrears of storage fees or additional fees payable hereunder and any damages to which “Landlord” may be entitled hereunder pursuant to law.

    Recovery of Attorney Fees and Costs: In the event any action be instituted, or other proceedings taken, to enforce any covenant herein contained or to recover any fees due or to recover possession of the premises for any default or breach of this contract by “Tenant”, “Tenant” shall pay “Landlord’s” reasonable attorney’s fees, cost and expenses in connection therewith. Notice: Your stored property will be subject to a claim or lien for unpaid storage fees and other charges and may even be sold to satisfy the lien if the storage fees or other charges due remain unpaid for 14 consecutive days. This lien and its enforcement are authorized by Chapter 23 commencing with Section 55-2306 of the Idaho Statutes and Constitution.

    Succession: All of the provisions hereof shall apply to, and be obligatory upon, the heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and successors of the parties hereto.

    No Warranties: “Landlord” hereby disclaims any implied or express warranties, guaranties or representation of the nature, condition, safety or security of the premises. “Tenant” hereby acknowledges that “Tenant” has inspected the premises and agrees that “Landlord” does not represent or guarantee the safety or security of the Premises or of any property stored therein. This contract sets forth the entire agreement of the parties and supersedes all prior agreements whether written or oral. This agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts.

    Entire Contract: This contract sets forth the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements or understandings with respect thereto. There are no representations, warranties, or agreements by or between the parties which are not fully set forth herein and no representative of Owner or Owner’s Agents is authorized to make any representations, warranties or agreements other than as expressly set forth herein. This contract may only be amended by writing signed by the parties.

    The undersigned does forever release, acquit and discharge Rent For Fun RV, and its employees agents, or assignees from any and all actions for loss, damages, costs, charges, claims, demands, and liabilities of whatever nature arising out of the use of Rent For Fun RV property, equipment, or facilities. The undersigned also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Rent For Fun RV from all costs, claims, and liabilities of any kind stemming from this contract.

    This contract contains the sole agreement between the parties hereto. The undersigned attests to the fact that they have read this agreement, and by electing to use this facility agree to comply with all provisions.

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